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How well do you know your mindset?

How well do you know your thoughts?

How well do you know YOU and your stories?

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The Amazing You

Introducing eye-opening concepts and terminologies such as “Door 1-2-3 Remapping” and the “Yes!-Wheel!”, The Amazing You presents new ways of knowing yourself by addressing topics such as:

Recognise and Understand the different aspects of “Yous”

Explore and Understand the Levels in Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Story of “You” - Remove Old Mindsets, Welcome New Mindsets

Learn how to let go of your undesirable self and Embrace the Amazing “You”

*Learn how to let go of your undesirable self and Embrace the Amazing “You”

What is “The Amazing You”?

Sonic Remapping Soundscapes

21 Day Remapping Protocol eBook

The Amazing You Workbook

Plus 3 Exclusive Bonus Interviews with Celebrity Coaches

The Amazing You program allow you to harness the latest brain remapping breakthroughs, to create a mind built for health, love and success. Where others coaches using logic and strategies, this programme comes from the depth of your inner wisdom and being.

The Amazing You program comes with a set of Sonic Remapping Soundtracks that targets different stages of brain remapping as well as a set of The Amazing You 21-Day Remapping Protocol + Workbook that partakes one of the most eye-opening and fulfilling concepts created by a Harvard trained psychologist.

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*Results will vary based on how long and how closely you follow the information presented, as well as other individual biological factors. As individual vary, so will results.

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